On the Myth of “Cultural Marxism”

I had at some point intended to weigh in on the topic of “Cultural Marxism” as I am more than capable of seeing through it’s rhetoric, but none-the-less felt there was some validity to elements of this idea, mostly because I had seen and experienced an number of Left-wing “no platform” maneuvers that were completely uncalled-for and was compelled to problematize certain aspect of what came off a “political correctitude.” I now feel that validating the “Cultural Marxism” meme itself is far more problematic. This essay does a good job of demolishing it. I suppose I could offer my bioregional autonomist, post-Marxist perspective, but I’d rather spend my time appreciating the positive aspects of Marxist Theory and Critical Theory. It’s no secret the Marxism and decolonial theories both intersect and conflict, depending on context. “Cultural Marxism” is a false construct through and through however, and deserves to be treated as such. “Cultural Marxism” is code for “I’m an ahistorical fascist dupe.”


America's cultural elite have been indoctrinated by sinister Marxists operating in academia... Or have they? America’s cultural elite have been indoctrinated by sinister Marxists operating in academia… Or have they?

**UPDATE1/14/15: Click here for an elaboration on the points raised herein**

Across the paleoconservative blogosphere, on every “libertarian” forum and racist webpage, a strange concept is faulted for the turmoil witnessed in North America and Europe today, as well as for the alleged breakdown of Western social mores. ‘Cultural Marxism’ is the name these courageous right-wing dissidents have assigned this corrosive force.

So what exactly is cultural Marxism and how is it that so many ostensibly capitalist societies haven fallen victim to it? The narrative varies depending on the political leaning of the individual disseminating it, but its standard rendition is as follows: a sect of European intellectuals, disillusioned by the failure of orthodox Marxist parties to mobilize the proletariat into conflict with the bourgeoisie, came to the conclusion that the original Marxist formulation…

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