bioregional collective? a cascadian view on scottland

A lovely film on the Scottish independence campaign.  I’ve said it before, but Cascadians really need to be paying attention to this.  We each find ourselves in remarkably different contexts, but there is something about the spirit of “we can do it better ourselves” that permeates both movements.

No matter the vote on September 18, Cascadians would do well to notice the hopeful, creative, non-sectarian strategy the YES campaign has embraced.  I’m very curious about other Cascadian views on this film, and the YES campaign in general.  Please do leave thoughtful comments and responses to the film below.

I think a lot of folks were expecting a film exactly like this one when we released Occupied Cascadia, but were a wee bit disappointed when they instead saw a 2 hour philosophical exposition.  I think there is room for an objective look at the Cascadian bioregional movement before too long, and this film inspires me to help make that happen eventually.

And is that not Mogwai at 54:52?


2 thoughts on “bioregional collective? a cascadian view on scottland

  1. Thanks for sharing. Look forward to watching this later tonight, and agree the Scotland has a lot to teach us. Very similarly, there is a huge Scottish cultural element at play, and I think between bioregionalism (our connection with place) and culture (our actions that define who we are) there is a lot of impact we can create.

  2. Really picks up in the second half… Great arguments for downsizing toward local place and upsizing common weal … Or common good … People before profits as an ethic… Best of success to Scotland … And agree… Cascadia needs a crew of prominent artists and thinkers to take on a Bus Tour…. Into a film …

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