Notes on Settler Stewardship

I really think this piece is pointing towards the intersection of decolonization and bioregionalism that seems to be emerging. I look forward to reading the final paper. While the bioregional critique of both Capital and the State has been lucid, a truly decolonial praxis has remained obscure. Suspending the narrative of bioregional “reinhabitation” in favor of land repatriation and the restoration of Indigenous law offers a pathway towards a practical resolution of the converging crises we face.

With the recent publication of Peter Berg’s “The Bioshphere and The Bioregion” and Richard Evanoff’s “Bioregionalism and Global Ethics” (finally) being released in paperback, I’m curious to see a more public dialogue on a bioregional decolonization take place.  Perhaps this can finally pull the “environmental” narrative in a truly decolonial direction, as may be evident in this years promising Earth at Risk 2014 Conference.


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