of restoration and repatriation: storm coming


In so many places that’s just the blink of an eye, you know, slightly more than 200 years since Lewis & Clark walked out of the United States and into the Columbia River watershed.  The world was a place of 16 million wild salmon that came each year to spawn and renew this great cycle of life, and people that have lived with the river for time immemorial.  And in 200 years look what has happened! So if you look back, and then look forward, it is very unsettling.

And if you care about life, so many voices that have no voice in the decisions that are destroying the planet….if you care about the birds and the children, and the children unborn, and on and on, then you have to take action.  Not to take action would be unacceptable.  How could you live with yourself?  So the question isn’t whether or not you take action, it’s what actions do you take?

-John Osborn


West of the Continental Divide.  West of Treaty 8.  The land in unceded, unsurrendered.  West of the Continental Divide are the watersheds of the Cascadian bioregion.  Below the 49th parallel is a declining Empire, occupying the same watersheds.  The Klamath is under assault.  The Fraser is under assault.  The Columbia is under assault.  From the Mattole to Yakutat bay, resistance is growing.

Get the picture?


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