Let’s Stay Together!

Listen sweetie, I’m not like those other guys.  I know I beat the shit out of you that one time, but I’m a changed man.  Please don’t leave me. I promise I’ll never do it again.  And I promise to stop going down to the pub and beating the shit out of perfect strangers.  I know, I’ll admit that I’ve embarrassed you in the past, but we can really make it work this time. Please.  Baby, I NEED you.

Why do you have to always bring up the past?  I’ve changed.  And just because you say it’s not working out for you now doesn’t mean we can’t MAKE it work.  I’ll prove to you I can change.  Please baby please!  I’m nothing without you.

Don’t you dare leave me bitch!  I mean, what the hell are you going to do without me?  It’s a tough world out there, you don’t even know what it’s like.  If you leave, you’ll just come back begging for me when you realize you can’t make it on your own.

And think about what this would do to the family.  You really want to shame them like this? You’ve always been an embarrassment, but I’ve loved you anyway.  Listen, no one else is going to love you.  You’re so selfish, why do you want to do this to our family?

I mean, what would the neighbors think?


2 thoughts on “Let’s Stay Together!

  1. Is this under “Cultural Marxism” because the Marxist/Leninists want the U.K. to stay united to keep the workers united as a class or something?

    I understand the fear that if they gained independence, they would probably just keep the current capitalist system in place, but I would imagine that a divided U.K. would be weaker than it currently is, which I would also imagine would be in most Marxists’ interests.

    I read somewhere that N. Korea is open to trading with Scotland if it ever gains independence. That would be… interesting.

  2. Yes. Exactly. Admittedly, “Cultural Marxism” is a term mostly used by the “far right” as a pejorative for political correctness. But I’m stealing it because it’s remarkable accurate in describing a phenomenon common on the Left that I find problematic, which is essentially “identity homogenization.” I find this problematic because I believe we are all unique, not “equal.” And I’m one of those bioregional “eco-decentralists” who thinks we should have different cultures and identities that may not get along with each other. Hopefully, if we’re all like this, we won’t feel our cultures can be transplanted and won’t go about building Empires.

    The assault on Gaelic language and culture (from the likes of George Galloway) is disgusting, and I see this not just as a strategic attempt to keep “Labour” strong in the UK, but as a clue towards the dark side of the Left: totalitarian Empire with and “egalitarian” sugar coating. The fact is, Scotland is a remnant….no, Scotland is the PLACE where both the Roman Empire and the British Empire ran into trouble. To break away from the historical colonization would be an opportunity for the Scottish Gaels to face the ongoing economic and cultural colonization that is the UK. And then when neoliberal capitalism still screws them over, only 5 million people would have to face down the EU and come up with an alternative (which is terrifyingly “right-wing” to suggest, a la UKIP….unless you are RSF in Ireland….then you’re a “terrorist”).

    I understand that Catalonia and Scotland want to be States in the EU, not staunchly autonomous countries with their own currency, etc. But I’m a stubborn decentralist (fond of Kirkpatrick Sale “Human Scale” and such), so I support most any decentralization, but especially when it’s the break up of Empires built 300 years ago (1707 and 1714).

    There are other forms of Cultural Marxism that I find remarkable colonial, such as “gender abolition” or the homogenization of all “white” people or all “POC.” And this type of cultural erosion can even claim to be “decolonization”….which 40 years ago was called “revolutionary”. I do not oppose this with conservatism however, but with the reality of our uniqueness as individuals and as collective cultures, which requires restoration and creativity.

    I think Scots are Scots, not “workers.” And I think the English are the English, not “workers.” Each people has a history to respect, or make amends for. But admittedly, the politics are all complicated, not so black and white.

    But promoting the erasure of any indigenous people in favor of “can’t we all get along and be friends” is the basic M.O. of Empire. Call it what you will, it is what it is.

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