Inaugural Alternative Sovereignties :Decolonization through Indigenous Vision and Struggle

There were so many sparks of hope at this conference. The deep wounds of colonialism will never be as deep as the spirit of this place and the love that all of our Peoples have protected for countless generations.

Tree Oathe - Fresh Ancients of Cascadia & Beyond....

Listening, Sharing and pondering here at OSU in Eugene.

Humbled by how much I have to learn about the stories and truths of the inhabitations and wisdoms of Turtle Island – and the illegal removals, disruptions and ongoing poisonings the people have been enduring. Humbled by the challenges of moving out of denials and willful ignorance – into opening and listening to the ancient laws of the people and the land – and opening to respectfully following leadership of the elders of the land we live with – as we work to stop and repair what is truly an ongoing unreconciled genocide. And how there is so many levels of deep beauty, humor and the stories in which are embedded the true peoples laws of the land.

Inspired by the patient loving wise warrior spirits among the leaders of the people. Inspired by the insight that we must unhinge ourselves…

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One thought on “Inaugural Alternative Sovereignties :Decolonization through Indigenous Vision and Struggle

  1. Good words Cathasaigh – thanks for organizing our panel – seeds of challenge, understanding and alliance were definitely nourished. Forward on with the work!

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