Canada is the problem

“This bio-regional based way of autonomously governing ourselves as Nations is integral to facilitating the way of the future for indigenous people as well as the un-settled settlers. Soon enough the wonton mass destruction of land, water, and life the colonizers are perpetuating by enslaving themselves to energy, consumption, and a technological way of life is coming to an abrupt and brutal end. Sooner than many believe because it is too scary to acknowledge.”

Warrior Publications

Ancestral Pride, April 10, 2014Ancestral pride logo Colour

Ancestral Pride ~ Husband and wife, mother and father, grandfather and grandmother, allies in solidarity with those are fighting for our rights to a future for our great great great grandchildren. Nothing more, nothing less, dedicated to our way of life, and to upholding the ways of our ancestors.

One of the most important ideology’s that exist right now in “kkkanada” that we confront as Ancestral Pride and aim to dismantle, is the idea that Stephen Harper is ‘kkkanadas” problem and ousting him is the solution.

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