felíz día de san patricios!

It is an Irish tradition to fight on both sides of every war (mild sarcasm), and the Mexican-American war was no different.  The Mexican State is unique from the US and Canada in that the Spaniards never institutionalized prison camps called “reserves” and have remained a minority ruling class in a vast Indigenous majority.  That’s right, the vast majority of Mexicans are “Native Americans.”  So when the US Empire decided to fight a land-stealing war of conquest to expand their borders from sea to shining sea, some Paddy’s had an attack or moral conscious  and fought against the settler colonial State that they’d been exiled to.

So remember, when you’re puking up green beer tonight, what you’re really celebrating is shooting colonists (mild sarcasm).   And as much as David Rovics voice grates on my nerves, at least you can understand the words in the above video.

The mass hanging of 30 Irishmen as the Stars & Stripes were raised over Mexico City in 1847 is second only in US military history to the Dakota 38.



America loves it’s strange fruit, even if it’s grown in Mexico.


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