la valise ou le cercueil


are you the Salmon in the pool at the headwaters?

nine trees of crimson hazel?

are you the Raven on the shoulder of the fallen warrior?

to be avenged before the sunset?

is é sin an fáth troid liom

the ships that sailed in the darkest of dreams

you could walk across on their backs

our backs

bare feet upon the pavement, soft lightning in sheets across the bed of the sky

how will we wake from the nightmare of his-story?

with nothing

but something to tell

na dteangacha na bhfear agus na haingil

is é sin an fáth troid linn

maithiúnas a thabhairt do, as béarla

teanga fuilteacha

if the smell of Ponderosa & Sage is all that feels like home

and the rage of ages makes a nest in my heart

to forget again the story told,

i know the sound of Raven’s voice

is it you who sent us packing?

meat beneath the skins

the blood on the butcher’s apron

is either mine or yours

as if we could never be skinless animals ourselves

Ellis Island Irish Ships to America 2


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