raven’s bioregion: sustained and escalating resistance


Despite the deep chill and freezing weather of a Cascadian winter, activists and warriors from Vancouver to Seattle to Pendleton have been out in the cold facing down the would-be destroyers of our planet and bioregions.


The Port of Vancouver was shut down on Dec. 2 in solidarity with the Elsipogtog Land Defenders.  Later that evening, a tar sands ‘megaload’ shipment was halted at the Port of Umatilla, while Seattle Rising Tide occupied the corporate office of Omega Morgan (the corporation transporting the ‘megaload’) in Fife, WA.

“The entire North West regional network of Rising Tide, from Washington to Oregon to Idaho, is now mobilizing in a decentralized fashion to confront the megaloads.”

Sustained and escalating resistance has been promised by Indigenous and ecological warriors alike.  The successful NiMiiPuu blockade of Hwy. 12 in Idaho forced a re-route of the ‘megaload’ shipment through Oregon, and now this shipment is being blocked.  And the corporate land destroyers can see no end in sight.  Resistance continues and will continue.

“The struggle against the megaloads is a struggle against the tar sands and expanding fossil fuel infrastructure, but it is also part of a larger movement of solidarity between Native peoples and settler activists across the US. From Elsipogtog lands in New Brunswick, Canada, where just last night Highway 11 was set ablaze in response to police brutality against Native women attempting to halt fracking, to the Lubicon Nation in Alberta who have maintained a blockade against oil extraction, First Nations and their allies are saying “Enough is enough!” This is a struggle with no end—a constant engagement against the forces of destruction that threaten the future of survival on this planet.”


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