statement of solidarity with the mi’kmaq warriors

Fógraím cath gan truamhéil gan cur suas is gan téarmaí ar laochra na bhfiche pint a shuífeadh ar bhinse taobh liom, a chuirfeadh deasleáimh faoi mo sciortaí gan leathscéal ná gan chaoi acu ach iad ag lorg iarraim cúis chun smacht a imirit ar mo ghéaga, is fógraím cath gan truamhéil orthu!

Warrior Publications

Mi'kmaq Warrior solidarityby Zig Zag, Warrior Publications, Dec 2, 2013

Since the spring of 2013, the Mi’kmaq, along with Native and non-Native allies, have been resisting exploratory testing by SWN Resources Canada in New Brunswick. SWN, a Houston, Texas-based company, is searching for deposits of natural gas in shale rock formations. If they are successful and find significant deposits, they will then attempt to extract this gas using the process of fracking.

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