Gaels United

“Ná téir i bhfolach laistair de cheo na bhfocal. Táimid caillte sa cheo chéanna sa bhfaill os cionn an locha, tabhair so lámh dom is treoraigh mé ón bpholl.”

And we lowly tribes fight each other? Make each other the Other? Have we ceased to be colonized, you and I? From one savage shore to another?

Deir tú ‘neamhspleáchas,’ a rá liom ‘fuascailt.’


From “Driving A Wedge Within Gaeldom”, an article on the post-Medieval history of Ireland and Scotland featured in the magazine History Ireland:

“From earliest times Gaelic Ireland and Scotland, united by the sea, formed part of the same cultural, linguistic, religious, economic and political ethos. The cultural and linguistic homogeneity, together with the political instability of this North Channel World, alarmed central government. For the monarchs and their ministers—whether in Dublin, Edinburgh or London—regarded the economic, political and cultural distinctiveness of its inhabitants as ‘uncivilised’ and potentially corrosive to the English and Scots-speaking polities. They classified them as barbarians, rebels, and subversives intent on de-stabilising the peripheries of the Tudor and Stewart monarchies.

…contemporaries from the king down continued to regard the Gaelic Irish and, to a lesser extent, the Highlanders, both mentally and culturally as a lower form of humanity. They were savages and barbarians who had…

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