Video: “Decolonization is not a tendency!” 2013 Seattle Anarchist Book Fair Panel

Bhí mé ag sa seomra seo. Ní raibh mé ag labhairt. Tá mé fós aon rud le rá. Má tá díchoilíniu i láthair mar bán aghaidh dhaoine den dath, ansin tá na coilínigh a bhuaigh cheana féin. Ní raibh duine Duwamish a labhair. Is é sin go léir is féidir lion a rá. Ba chóir an bhean bán bogadh go Béal Feirste. Is bocht an rud é.

I was fortunate enough to be present at this panel in Seattle. It is very good to shut up and listen, and I was inspired to re-read “Decolonization is not a metaphor” by Eve Tuck and K. Wayne Yang. I certainly was affected and have a lot to think about.  “Above all, white people don’t define what liberation means for people who have experienced colonization.”  Really get’s you thinking….



At this year’s Seattle Anarchist Book Fair, people from Egypt, Oakland, Seattle and LA–some of them having returned from Mexico and Pakistan with fresh ideas to share; others coming with grafted knowledge from growing up in the gentrification/displacement shuffle–spoke on a panel named “Decolonization is not a tendency.”.  The conversations came thick with no sugar.

The panel touched on urban Zapatismo, gentrification (this time from someone who has actually experienced gentrification), poetry, the Egyptian uprising, on being a displaced person, and how to check one’s own white privilege. There’s a lot to say on all of these things, and the panel was only the beginning of a  conversation raw enough to meet the longstanding vaccum within numerous activist circles–let alone the rest of our communities. So we’ve broken the footage down into two parts. A filmed night of performances by revolutionary hip hop artists will be coming…

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