an old love and a new love

Day 60.  New moon, I dream of an old love.


After meeting with fellow prisoners, Pelican Bay Hunger Strikers will be making an announcement in a couple hours, their supporters delivering the message down in Oakland.

“Their statement comes amid growing international condemnation of California’s practice of solitary confinement, as well as the commitment of California Senate and Assembly Chairs of Public Safety Loni Hancock and Tom Ammiano to convene a series of hearings in response to the strikers’ demands that would “address the issues that have been raised to a point where they can no longer be ignored.”  Legal representatives have just reported that this morning strikers were able to have an unprecedented meeting with fellow prisoners at Pelican Bay where they reached consensus on moving forward in their struggle to end torture in California prisons, and toward reducing violence among prisoners.  Their advocates are encouraging communication between strikers at Pelican Bay and their fellow prisoners who were forcibly removed to New Folsom in the past weeks.”

Frances Hughes died after 59 days.  Michael Devine died after 60 days.  Today’s hunger strikers have been given gatorade and vitamins, which must make a significant difference.  But we’ve already heard that their vision is failing, pounds and pounds have been lost, and no doubt many must be flirting with organ failure.  I still don’t have a concrete number or all the names.  But could I find them?  No doubt the Californian State does not want names and pictures circulating in the media.  I’m still trying.

Michael Devine RIP

The men in California do not need to die.  The 5 demands are not too much to ask by any means.


The gatorade and vitamins could mean that history does not need to repeat itself.  Humanity has sacrificed enough for a better world.  And the hell of the US prison-industrial complex has no right to exist on our beautiful planet.  Jerry Brown, will they make a film about you someday called “Iron Heart”??


If anyone has pictures of rallies being held outside California that I don’t know about, please send them my way.  There are rallies today in Arcata and Oakland:

“On September 5th at 12pm, California Prisoner Hunger Strike solidarity activists outraged at Governor Brown’s refusal to enter into meaningful negotiations with prisoners will start an open-ended Solidarity Fast in front of Governor Brown’s Oakland home.

This day marks the 60th day of the prisoner hunger strike with perhaps hundreds risking their lives for justice and humane conditions in the prison system. Our goal is to support the hunger strikers demand that the governor enter into immediate substantive negotiations to end long-term solitary confinement. We invite everyone to join us, whether fasting or not, as we hold this public space to bring attention to the policy makers that are failing us.

We will be in front of the governor’s condo on Telegraph Ave. and 27th St. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD AND JOIN US!

Yes.  I, Cathasaigh Brian Ó Corcran will be fasting from noon on, sending prayers from the Upper Deschutes.  Any friends in town want to join me?


Decolonization means abolishing the prison-industrial complex.  Prisons are the explicit confluence on capitalism and racism, both tools of colonialism used by the occupiers to suppress the self-determination of all peoples.  Our fights are connected over both time and space.

This Electronic Intifada podcast makes the connection between prison struggles in California and Palestine.  And such connections have never been lost on us Irish.


حرروا فلسطين  Saoirse na hÉireann.  California Über Alles?  Je ne crois pas.  Tiocfaidh ár lá.  Tiocfaidh ár lá.


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