Cascadia: Interview with Casey Corcoran

Vince Rinehart and I from Autonomy Cascadia had a chat with pan-successionist radio show Attack the System. I don’t think I put my foot in my mouth as much as I thought at first.

Attack the System

Attack the System
Cascadia: Interview with Casey Corcoran

September 1, 2013

ATS editors Keith Preston and Vince Rinehart discuss Cascadia and bioregionalism with guest Casey Corcoran.

Topics include:

  • Defining Cascadia as a place rather than a political entity.
  • The ideas and history of bioregionalism as a movement.
  • The commonalities shared by colonized peoples.
  • The relationship between ecological crises and colonialism.
  • The need for food sovereignty.
  • How technological and ecological values can co-exist.
  • Why radical localism is the path to resistance.
  • The film “Occupied Cascadia.”


File type: MP3
Length: 1:26:01
Bitrate: 32kb/s

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