and the stars of heaven fell unto the earth


Day 56.  I saw the biggest shooting star I’ve ever seen last night.  Sparks flying off of it as I was counting seconds.  More followed later into the night, but none as spectacular as the first.  I didn’t dream and I was awake more than an hour before sunrise.  Apparently the dream givers could care less about comparing Jerry Brown and Margaret Thatcher.  I can feel the new moon approaching, another window for planting the seeds of our future.

Francis Hughes lasted 59 days.  Kieran Doherty lasted the longest at 73 days.  Martin Hurson had crossed over on day 46.  Most died around day 61.

Others survived.  Laurence McKeown had survived 70 days when his family intervened.  Liam McCloskey 55 days.  Patrick Sheehan was on day 55 when the hunger strike ended on October 3, and 5 other lives were saved that day.


You don’t start a hunger strike expecting to live.  Only a few have been brave enough to admit this.  Why am I saying this?  It’s a big can of worms.


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