the sun never sets on the irish resistance

Wait just a minute here.  British Columbia?

Fáilte!  This is my new blog where I will be focusing much of my energy, and refrain from posting Hiberno-centric rants over at Occupied Cascadia, which is supposed to be a travel blog about the adventures of my friends and I who made a film about Raven’s Bioregion.  So here you will find my take on being a settler in a colony remembering a colony where my People and I were and are not settlers.

But is seems for us Irish, one fight is as good as another, so I don’t think it’s a coincidence that a good hand-full of us old Fenian souls find ourselves here at the edge of the Oikoumenê as the British Crown tries to come to terms with that which it will never come to terms with.  That being it’s doom.  My involvement in the Cascadian bioregional movement is deeply informed by my ancestry, and this is something I’m proud of.  This is the continuation of a story that started long ago.  And I think we’re just getting to the good part.

I will use this space for all the vitriolic rants I care to muster against the neocolonial reality of globalization, which to me is nothing truly neo, just the growth of the same old cancer.  As the B.C. Treaty process tries to inch forward, this anti-treatyite will be holding nothing back in reminding the folks here about what can happen when you sell out your land and your people.  And though I’m a US citizen down here in the state of Oolichan, my country is my watershed and neither the land nor I respect that colonial border crossing N’chi Wana.  So that makes me a Cascadian.  Still Irish.  Always Irish.

Stay tuned, I think our time has come.


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